Collectibles Appraisal

Collectibles Appraisal

“Collectibles” is a broad category of personal property. Think of the thousands of items people choose to collect — some for monetary reasons, many for personal interest. Our experienced appraisal professionals can certify the value of single collectible items, small groupings, and large collections. It’s important to remember that the value of a collection is often greater than the accumulated value of the individual pieces. Think of the time, cost, and effort invested in building a collection; this often translates to increased value. Many collectors will seek a professional collectible appraisal when they want to buy a valuable or decorative item to display in their home or when they are seeking to sell or auction collectible items that they currently own.

Cal's_1958_PCC_Championship_footballHere at Nugent Appraisal Services, certifying the value of a varied and unique collectible collection is a service that our experienced and well-qualified appraisers perform regularly. In addition to appraisals for the purchase, sale, or auction of collectibles, we offer independent, certified collectible appraisal reports for a variety of reasons including estate settlement, equitable distribution, insurance, divorce, and charitable donation. The most common collectibles sets that we appraise are:


Current Trends Affect the Value of Collectibles

The valuation of collectibles is often a complex endeavor because the appraiser must collect a wide amount of data from a variety of sources in order to determine the current value of a single collectible or an entire collection. Current popularity and market demand greatly influence the value of many collectibles. For example, a sudden fad can greatly increase the value of items as demand for the items goes up quickly. Understanding the current trends associated with the collectibles being appraised is especially important when buyers want to offer items for sell quickly. Some collectibles, like vintage action figures, are generally worth more if they are in their original packaging. If you have these types of collectibles, it can be critical to the value of the items that the packaging remain unopened.

Photographing Collectibles for Appraisal

When you hire Nugent Appraisal Services to assess the value of collectibles, you are paying for a professional examination of the items. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that appraisal can’t be convenient for you. You can arrange for one of our professionals to come to you, or — under specific circumstances — work with us remotely. With detailed images, it may be possible for one of our experts to appraise your collectibles without a face-to-face meeting. When photographing a collectible for appraisal, make sure to have sufficient lighting and take photographs from all angles. For an accurate valuation of an item, look for and photograph any maker’s marks you find. These are often located on the bottom or other hidden areas of a collectible.

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