Antique, Collectibles & Jewelry Appraisal

Antique Appraisal | Collectibles Appraisal | Jewelry Appraisal | Book Appraisal | Art Appraisal At Nugent Appraisal Service, we specialize in personal property appraisals. Some of the most commonly appraised items include antiques, art, collectibles, jewelry, and memorabilia. Our appraisal team is comprised of accredited appraisers as well as research professionals that are uniquely qualified to meet a range of appraisal needs.

Antique Appraisal

The value of an antique is typically based on three factors identified during your appraisal: condition, rarity, and market demand. By definition an antique is an item that is 100 or more years old. Age alone does not necessarily translate to market value. Our accredited antique appraisers are experienced in appraising a wide range of antique collectibles, antique furniture, and antique memorabilia.

Collectibles Appraisal

Collectibles span a wide range of items from decorative to functional. Do not discount the appraisal value of your rare and somewhat obscure collection of favorites. There is a surprising number of collectors world wide that likely share your interest and passion. In 35 years of appraising collectibles our accredited appraisers have a strong base of experience and knowledge to meet your collectible appraisal need.

Jewelry Appraisal

A jewelry appraisal may be needed for a range of purposes, such as settling an estate, insurance casualty coverage, or resale. The value of both modern and antique jewelry, loose gemstones, watches, and similar items can vary based on several factors. Nugent Appraisal provides the services of an accredited Gemologist when you need a certified jewelry appraisal.

Book Appraisal

As with other types of appraisals, a book appraisal is performed to evaluate the value of a book. Factors such as condition, author and publishing information, scarcity, and market demand play a role in book values. View an actual online appraisal certificate to see information that is presented in a book appraisal.

Art Appraisal

An art appraisal can be performed to determine the value of a range of pieces, including paintings, prints, sculptures, and photographs. Several factors play a role in the value of artwork, and the value of an item can change quickly. To learn more about art appraisal services, view a sample art appraisal.

Other Appraisal Requests

We provide both online appraisals and on-site appraisal services for all types of personal property. Our goal is to provide professional and cost-effective services to give you accurate, reliable information about your item’s value. We also provide assistance for clients interested in selling antiques, jewelry, books, art, gold coins, and all types of personal property. For more information about our appraisal options, please contact us today.