Updating Your Outdated Art Appraisal Report

Updating Your Outdated Art Appraisal Report

We offer a special discounted fee schedule for updating previously certified appraisal values from a qualified report. Your updated report will be USPAP compliant as required by insurers, government agencies, and the courts.  Contact us to discuss your fee

As more look to invest in art – sending art prices skyrocketing – collectors need to boost their risk management efforts to assure the true value of their collections are properly protected.

Recent catastrophic weather events serve as a clear reminder that, as art values climb, collectors need to make sure their artworks are appraised and values certified in order to properly protect them. The key to securing the proper protection with the appropriate current replacement value is engagement with a qualified art appraiser.

Anton Antonov, a Fine Art Underwriter acknowledges that appraisals are valuable for more than just insurance coverage. They determine Fair Market Value to assist in.  Article on the importance of updating art values

  • Establishing equitable distribution of property that is jointly owned by individuals or institutions
  • Determining an art donor’s income tax deduction if art is given as a charitable donation
  • Understanding in the accurate value for a buying or selling decision
  • Valuation as of date of death for estate tax returns, estate planning, and distribution of assets
  • Helping with asset management, loan collateral and legal matters tied to an art collection


A recent certified fine art appraisal by Nugent Appraisal:

Gilt framed oil on board entitled Paysage Normand by the artist Pierre-Auguste Renior (1841-1919), 8″x14″

Replacement Value: $500,000+

renoir painting appraisal

Oil on Board Painting by Pierre-Renior



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