Three Outrageously Expensive Gems

Three Outrageously Expensive Gems

We have cherished gems since the beginning of time, using them as symbols of royalty and wealth, or giving them as gifts to show deep love and adoration. All gems are beautiful, interesting, and timeless, but some are significantly superior to others, some being very uncommon and hard to find. So, it’s good to know what the best ones are, so you know what to look for when looking for the perfect jewelry.

  • Jadeite: Over $3 Million per Carat!

A pyroxene mineral, this gem appears bright green, like an emerald, or, sometimes a bluish green color and some appear a greenish white. Jadeites have a translucent look to them, as the thin top layer is colorless. The gems price comes from historical reasons, and its rarity is still undetermined.

  • Serendibite: About $2 Million per Carat!

This rare gem consists of boron, and only two areas in the world have been able to produce this mineral, in Sri Lanka and Burma. Serendibites are commonly blue green, dark gray to black or grayish blue.

  • Red Diamonds: About $2 Million per Carat!

A rare gemstone which is commonly purplish red, but sometimes crimson red, is loved by many. Located in Australia, these are very hard to come by, which justifies the price.



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