Sample Appraisal: Watertown Table & Chairs

Sample Appraisal: Watertown Table & Chairs

Appraisal ID: 10243
Appraised On: Jan 15, 2006
Market Value: $ 1,600.00
Replacement Value: $ 2,000.00


This is a matching dining room set consisting of an extension
table, four upholstered side chairs, and a server with low backsplash.
All are attributed to the Watertown Table Slide Company and estimated to
be circa 1920s. The Watertown Table Slide Company was established in
1889 with Emil W. Schultz as president. The business was incorporated in
1891. Within a couple of decades, the firm was doing a fine business
based on a solid reputation. The name of the company comes first from
the town where it was established, Watertown, Wisconsin. And second,
from being a manufacturer of patented slide mechanisms that allowed
dining room tables to open and accommodate extension leafs. The company
is still in operation today. Based on comparative data for other
Watertown dining room furniture recently sold, and considering the
similarities and differences for the condition, size, artistic merit,
and age, we have valued the subject set as indicated.
Date/Period of Manufacture: 1920
Condition: good
Manufacturer/Artist/Author: Watertown Table and Slide Co. Wisconsin
Dimensions (HxWxD): table L60.5, W44, H30.5 wt 50-75lb
sideboard L59.5, W22, H58.5 wt50-75lb

a stamp “watertown table and slide Co” on the table w/ 1922 patent

a stain of “B & CO” on the sideboard

these pieces match
History/Provenance: The table is without any major
blemish on the face, has flower carvings in the wood around the entire
length, and width w/ 4 rounded legs that are on small wheels. The
sideboard has a few stains on the top face where something might have
been set there for a long time, 2 doors on the each front side, w/ 2
middle drawers and matching flowering around the front, also w/ 4 legs
on small wheels. The chairs upholstery is faded and worn but without
major rips or tears.
bought them at an estate sale in 2003, and was told it was worth
considerably more than I paid for it

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