Sample Appraisal: Watch

Sample Appraisal: Watch

Appraisal ID: 14547
Appraised On: Jun 14,
Market Value: $2,500.00
Replacement Value: $3,375.00


Watch; Ladies cocktail wrist watch; circa early 20th century;
Swiss; manufactured by Ebel; 14ct gold band; 17 jewel Incabloc; diamond
accents; Condition: Good.
This is a ladies cocktail-style wrist watch with a flip top. The top
opens to reveal the watch face. The watch face is white with gold
numbering. The flip top had a flower design that is embedded with
diamomds. It is done in a style similar to Art Deco . The wrist band
appears to be of solid gold rather than links.
This watch was made by the Ebel Watch Company.The company was founded
in 1911 by Eugene Blum and Alice Levy.They were married and the
company’s name is an acronym of their names.
The company is noted for its design and for its precision in its
watches. After only three years in business Ebel won a gold medal at the
Swiss National Exhibition. The business continues to day under the
guidance of Eugene and Alice’s grandchildren.
Item/Title: Ebel “Incabloc 17 Jewel” Womens
Vintage Wristwatch
Date/Period of Manufacture: 1911-> 1930?
Condition: Good.
Manufacturer/Artist/Author: Ebel Watch
Dimensions (HxWxD): 31-32 Grams combined weight
diamonds and gold.
Inscription: no
History/Provenance: I own a Pawn Shop in Willimantic,
Connecticut. This particular Item was bought from an elderly ladie who
claims this watch has been in her family for Decades….It was a present
from her father who was in World War 2 when he purchased the watch. She
claims it is worth a lot of money…so an appraisal is needed for

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