Sample Appraisal: John Kime Painting, ‘Unfolded’

Sample Appraisal: John Kime Painting, ‘Unfolded’

Appraisal ID: 11207
Appraised On: Aug 08, 2006
Market Value: $ 575.00
Replacement Value: $ 775.00


Artist: Kime, John. “Unfolded.” Size: 47 x 52 1/2″. Framed.
John Kime was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1967 and has lived in the
desert Southwest all of his life. John is the exhibitions director with
the Phoenix Art Press. John began painting as a hobby at Phoenix Art
Press. John sometimes still paints under the name of his alter ego, Zak
There are no records of sales of work by this artist, either through
auction or gallery exhibitions. Based on sales of similar works by
other artists comparable in medium, theme, size and condition, we have
adjudged the market prices as stated.
Item/Title: Unfolded
Date/Period of Manufacture: 10-15 years
Condition: excellent
Manufacturer/Artist/Author: John D Kime
Dimensions (HxWxD): 47in tall by 52 1/2 in wide
Inscription: signed on the front
History/Provenance: This item was recently purchased at an auction. We were told the original purchase price was over $1600

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