Sample Appraisal: Candy Dish

Sample Appraisal: Candy Dish

Appraisal ID: 11554
Appraised On: Oct 24, 2006
Market Value: $ 350.00
Replacement Value: $ 450.00


This is a late 19th century dish manufactured by the Richard
Ginori manufactory marked with the crown and N hallmark used beginning
in 1850 to the present. The dish is profusely decorated in deep relief
with three dimensional putti and decorated with gilt. It measures 15 x
15 inches and is in very good condition.
In 1737 the Tuscan Marquis Carlo Ginori set up a porcelain factory next
to his countryside residence. Doccia was the name of the place which was
located in the borough of Sesto Fiorentino, six miles north of
Florence, in Italy. At the time of its foundation only two other
European hard-paste porcelain factories were operating: Meissen in
Germany, and Du Paquier, in Austria. Hard-paste porcelain making was a
recent discovery in Europe and a risky technical and economical
challenge: Carlo Ginori (1702-1757) stands among the pioneers of this
particular kind of ceramic which is even more remarkable considering
that the factory he founded is still active today under the name
Richard-Ginori. This significant change in company title dates back to
1896 when, after five generations of Ginori ownership and leadership,
the Doccia factory passed to Richard, a fast-expanding Milanese ceramic
industry. The double name Richard-Ginori reflects the peculiar
coexistence of two different identities in the same company: the
artistic manufactory and the industrial one.
Item/Title: candy dish?
Date/Period of Manufacture: It was my grandmothers
Condition: very good
Manufacturer/Artist/Author: see photo
Dimensions (HxWxD): 15inX15in
Inscription: see photo
History/Provenance: It belonged to my grandmother then my mother 40 years+

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