Sample Appraisal: Art

Sample Appraisal: Art

Appraisal ID: 15197
Appraised On: Dec 13, 2009
Market Value: $ 400,000.00
Replacement Value: $ 540,000.00


REMOTE IDENTIFICATION of this item has been determined to the best
of the appraiser’s ability from at least one or more of the following:
description, image, third-party certificate of authenticity, receipt of
origination and statement of provenance. The information has been
provided by the owner or other person placing the order. The appraiser
is not certifying the authenticity of the listed item but offering an
opinion of value, as the item is represented, based on the Market
Comparison Approach to Value.

Drawing. Artist: VAN GOGH,Vincent(Dutch,1853-1890). Possibly pen or ink
on bristol board. Signed Vincent; circa late 19th century. Size: 8″ x
10″. Condition: excellent.
This drawing is attributed to Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh. It
depicts a peasant woman bending over in a field and sowing seeds in hard
soil. There are villages houses in the background.
Van Gogh is a Post Impressionist painter. He pioneered Expressionism
and was influenced by the Fauves. He was not successful during his
lifetime. He sold only one painting. His brother Theo provided money and
support. Van Gogh suffered from mental illness which led to his
This piece was purchased at an estate sale where the previous owner
stated that this drawing was originally purchased in The Hague.
Item/Title: Woman Toiling in Field
Date/Period of Manufacture: Approximately 100 – 120 years old
Condition: Very good with signs of aging
Manufacturer/Artist/Author: Artist
Dimensions (HxWxD): 8″ x 10″
Inscription: Signed Vincent
History/Provenance: Purchased from estate sale 20 years ago. According to the previous owner it was purchased in The Hague.

This online appraisal report is an appraisal expert’s opinion of
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images supplied by our customer. No further guarantee of authenticity,
genuineness, attribution or authorship is represented.

Current Fair Market Value is the price agreed on between a
willing buyer and seller, neither being required to act, and both having
reasonable knowledge of the facts.

Replacement Value is the price in terms of money that would be
required to replace the property in question with another of similar
age, quality, origin, appearance, provenance and condition, within a
reasonable length of time in an appropriate market.

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