Before rocking your ring on the streets, get it appraised and insured

Before rocking your ring on the streets, get it appraised and insured

Yes, we know, it’s a fantastic feeling finding the perfect band and ring, but complete the important process of securing your items before your precious jewels hit the streets.



To get your jewelry insured you will need a certification of their estimated value. Note that an appraisal is not the same as a ‘diamond grading report’, which you obtain from the jeweler at the time of purchase. These reports only list the qualities of diamonds. A jewelry appraisal specifies a value for your whole item, taking in consideration other stones and even the metal, make and history or other price-affecting aspects into consideration.

An appraisal will also become proof in case your ring is stolen and later found.


How to get your ring appraised

Ideally, a jewelry appraisal would be in your presence with the expert closely inspecting your items. Realistically, this is sometimes a complicated task. Instead, Nugent Appraisal offers an online submission  for appraisal of your rings by providing high resolution images of your items and some other details they can request from you or your jeweler.


This makes the whole process faster, easier to complete and a lot less expensive. They also have hourly rates for bigger or more complex collections of items or residential contents.


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