Preparing for your appraisal examination

Preparing for your appraisal examination

Unless we have quoted a set fee, the total appraisal fee is based on the amount of examination time. Therefore, it serves your interest, if possible, to prepare. The appraiser will likely need to pick-up and examine smaller, table top items. Any of these items that are in cabinets or behind other items should be taken out and placed on an open table. This access allows a speedier look and reduces the unfortunate possibility of damaging shifting items.Please provide full access to all items. In order to increase the accuracy of our report and work more cost effectively on your behalf it is helpful for you to provide any additional information you should have on your items including:

  • Invoice of purchase
  • Restoration document
  • Former appraisals
  • Provenance documents
  • Information on the country of origin
  • Where item was purchased or was it a gift

Sets of porcelain dishware and silver flatware

The antique appraiser will need to have an inventory of the types of items within a set and the total number of each item in order to provide an accurate value. The antique appraiser will not need to examine every item in the set individually so it is not absolutely necessary to pull and display the entire set. We suggest you pull out one piece of each item (a full setting) only and have your inventory count available. The antique appraiser will then match the count with the actual name of the item (dinner plate, soup bowl, cup and saucer, etc.).

Art on the wall

If possible, it is preferable that you remove the hanging art from the walls. There are often identification indicators on the backside. If you want framing or glass removed so the antique appraiser can have a full look that should be done prior to the exam.

High shelf decorative items

If possible, items should be brought down to floor level. It is not in anyone’s best interest to be maneuvering on ladders while holdingitems or handling items while perched on a ladder.

We understand some people do not have the mobility to prepare for an examination. In this case you may want to consider paying someone to prepare and replace for you. Chances are the cost of their time will be less than are billing rate. We are prepared to do our best with the situation we find ourselves in. We want to produce the most accurate appraisal report possible, at a cost efficient price, and of course, with absolutely no damaged items.

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