Professional On-Site Appraisal Service

Nugent Appraisal offers a full-service professional on-site appraisal service. This option is often preferred when there is a large, undocumented collection to appraise or when there is a complex settlement issue to address. An accredited appraiserwill perform a formal examination in your residence or business and will provide you with a certified appraisal report that meets the highest industry standard and is suitable for all types of appraisal needs, including settling an estate, insurance casualty claims or coverage, divorce settlement, donation, asset distribution, or resale.Our on-site appraisal service is performed at a billing rate of $120.00 per hour. You will be provided with a written fee schedule agreement that states the time we started and the time we finished. We specialize in providing professional appraisal services for a wide range of items, including antiques, rare coins, jewelry, books, art, and other personal property.

Examination Appointment

Your formal appraisal begins with setting an appointment for an examination of your items. The appraiser’s objective at the inspection is to gather pertinent information that best describes the item, including the item’s name, size, markings, and condition. The appraiser also takes digital images of the item to be included in the certified appraisal report. Taking time preparing for the examination will shorten the exam, reduce unnecessary handling of items, and save you money. Read our suggestions to prepare for your upcoming on site appraisal examination.

Identification and Research

Using the information collected at the examination appointment, the appraiser works to positively identify each item, which is essential to arriving at an accurate value. Our team will then utilize our vast network of international research sources to gather up-to-date pricing information on identical or similar pieces sold throughout the world.

Methodology of Valuation

The combination of our experience and expertise, along with a strict adherence to the highest standards of professional appraisal principles, enables us to provide a certified appraisal report suitable for a variety of appraisal needs. Our on-site appraisal service is a simple, reliable, and cost-effective way to establish an accurate and current value for your items.

For more information or to schedule your professional appraisal appointment, contact us today.