Estate Selling with Value Protection and MaxSold

As independent appraisers, we are removed from the buying and selling process. However, many clients contact us because they want or need to know the value of items in order to make an informed selling decision. A valid concern is how can you properly sell an item when you have no idea what its fair market value is? How about selling an entire house of contents when you have no value knowledge? It is not a position you want to find yourself in, especially if you are the Executor or Trustee and have a fiduciary responsibility to family members or beneficiaries.


As independent appraisers we protect your interest by identifying the more valuable items from the common, less valuable items. We are independent from the items and their values because we do not want to buy your items, unlike a dealer. You should never ask a value expert what something is worth when they want to buy it from you.


Once we have appraised your items you and we will have intimate knowledge of what you have and what it is worth. If you desire, we will now have the ability and the technical means to convey this accurate information to interested buyers or dealers. In other words, you will have the value knowledge you require, and through our network of buyer/dealers, options to sell your items in a manner that fits your unique situation while maximizing your profit potential.


If you have an Estate or an entire residence of items that you need assistance with value protection and selling, then we recommend MaxSold ( This family firm is an industry leader in handling all aspects of your downsizing sale, estate sale, relocation sale or business liquidation.


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