Kitchen Renovation Appraisal at Del Ray Beach

Kitchen Renovation Appraisal at Del Ray Beach

20160203_114656Are you planning to renovate your kitchen or bathrooms? Are you replacing the old with the new? Those older cabinets and appliances are better served in another home instead of a landfill. Best of all, you can actually reduce your taxes when you donate to a reselling charitable organization.

The experienced appraisers of Nugent Appraisal certify the fair market value of kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, counters, appliances, lighting, sinks, faucets and other reusable items in an IRS qualified report. The report and required signed IRS 8283 form enables you, the donor, to itemize the tax deduction for your contribution to the charitable organization.

Before you throw away that quality kitchen to make room for a newer, or sell it for pennies on the dollar, consider a time saving, cost saving, and tax saving donation.


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