Fine Art Appraisal

Our staff of experienced Fine Art appraisal experts value more fine art items than any other category of personal property – hundreds of pieces every month. Most individuals own fine art either from a purchase or inheritance. Some individuals and families have accumulated a collection of fine art over many years. Whether it is one piece, several pieces, or a large collection, we have the experience and resources to meet your fine art appraisal need.


We utilize daily updated worldwide market data on hundreds of thousands of artists with millions of accurate sales records, from master artists to regional virtual unknowns. Whether you are discovering the artist and value for the first time to make a critical decision or more simply updating an out-of-date valuation to protect your fine art we accommodate.


Independent, certified fine art appraisal reports for Estate Settlement, Equitable Distribution, Insurance, Divorce, Charitable Donation, and Buy/Sell of many items.



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