Selling your Items



Our team of appraisers determine the value of thousands of items every month for owners throughout the country. Many owners engage our independent appraisal service in order to understand the true value of their items so they can make an informed selling decision. Once they understand the market demand/value for their items, many, in fact most, rely on us to help them sell in order to maximize their selling profit.


Since 1976 we have helped thousands maximize selling prices by offering the following:


  • True, Independent Market Value Knowledge for Your Selling Decision
  • Market Awareness on Where and How to Sell Items Quickly and Profitably
  • Full-Service Selling Process that Requires a Minimum Amount of Your Effort
  • Contractual Service Agreement with Full Financial Accounting


Understand, we are not dealers. We do not purchase the items we appraise. This is the reason owners use and trust our independent service. However, we do aggressively assist in selling items for individuals, families, and estate administrators. When you think about it – who other than the appraiser can best describe and tell others (market) what they need to know in order to make an informed purchase? Accurate item information creates buyers’ confidence, equating to higher purchase prices.


Whether it is a single item or an entire residence of contents, common furniture or a diamond sapphire engagement ring, we are here to inform you of value and maximize the selling price – quickly, if necessary.


There is no cost or obligation associated with discussing your selling interest.


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