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Collectibles is a broad category of personal property. Think of the thousands of items people choose to collect – some for monetary reasons, many for personal interest. Our experienced appraisal professionals certify the value of single collectible items, small groupings, and large collections. The actual value of a collection is often greater than the accumulated value of the individual pieces. Think of the time, cost, and effort invested in building a collection from the very first item you acquired. This reality often translates to increased value. Certifying the value of a varied and unique collectible collection is an expertise that our experienced and well-qualified appraisers perform regularly.

Independent certified collectible appraisal reports for Estate Settlement, Equitable Distribution, Insurance, Divorce, Charitable Donation, and Buy/Sell of:

  • Sets of China and Porcelain Figurines
  • Sports and Historical Memorabilia
  • Books and Documents
  • Weaponry and Firearms
  • Stamps and Coins

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