What to do After a Fire Destroys the Contents of your Home

What to do After a Fire Destroys the Contents of your Home

Nugent Appraisal Services specializes in certifying the value of residential contents, after the damage event has occurred. Unfortunately, many homeowners are not properly prepared for the devastation of a damage event. Having in place a comprehensive homeowner’s insurance policy when your home and contents are destroyed or badly damaged does not protect you against loss. Again, an insurance policy in place is not complete protection, especially when it comes to your personal property items – the contents within your home.

If you are reading this information before a damage event – have your contents appraised by an accredited personal property appraiser that will produce a USPAP compliant, certified, appraisal report. This report is your proof that your items exist, in your possession, and their value to replace. With a certified report, and your items properly scheduled with your insurer, you are now protected against loss.

If you have had a damage event without a certified appraisal in place and the remnants of your cherished possessions are still accessible then do a personal examination by gathering images and descriptions. Next, take the time to analyze your examination images/descriptions and expand:

Did you purchase? When, where, how much did you pay?
Did you inherit? What was told to you about the item?
Search for any documentation (receipts, repair invoices, old appraisals)

The certified appraisal report we produce “after the event” is built from the information above. We will start with your recreation and with our knowledge, experience, expertise, and market comparable data, produce a USPAP compliant report that will be the cornerstone of your fair compensation for your loss. Most of our clients (insurers, attorneys, and individuals) that utilize this specialized appraisal service are from the other 49 states. It is not necessary for our accredited appraisal team to be located near your home since information will be transmitted securely online. What is necessary is for you to discuss the damage claim process with a third-party, independent appraiser that is qualified to certify the value of your assets after the damage event.


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