Value of a Coin

Value of a Coin

Tips before taking coins to be appraised

If you are an avid coin collector or a novice, these tips might help you out before taking your coins to an appraiser.

  1. Study your coins – It is important to know and understand the type of coins you have before getting them appraised. Coin price guides can help you identify a rare coin from the rest and give you an idea of how much they are worth.
  2. Find the good coins – Coins with holes, flaws, or are bent won’t be worth as much as ones without damages.
  3. Authenticate – Once your rare coins are identified get them authenticated. This proves to the appraisal that your coin is the real deal. It is common
  4. Contact Nugent Appraisal – Nugent Appraisal specializes in coin and currency appraisal. Certified team of appraisers will identify the true value of your coins.

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