Two-tone 18k gold custom estate bracelet

Two-tone 18k gold custom estate bracelet

Two-tone 18k gold custom estate bracelet featuring a heavy art deco geometric design with lattice link backing. Bracelet and extra links consist of 125 total round brilliant diamonds averaging, collectively weighing approx. 7.50 ct tw. with an average clarity of VS2. Total gold weight is approx. 166.50 g. Engraved “SMB” and “18k”. Good condition.
Replacement Value: $16,120

A stylized design which was named after the 1925 International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts, held in Paris, France. Much Art Deco design was a transition from the earlier Art Nouveau and, as with the Art Nouveau epoch, was inspired by the art of the indigenous peoples of the Americas and by ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman architecture. Art Deco jewelry motifs are characterized by geometric designs, diverse combinations of color, and abstract patterns. In 1922, the opening of Tutankhamen’s tomb in Egypt inspired another Egyptian revival. Influences from cubism as well as African, oriental, Persian, Islamic, and Jugendstil designs were common in Art Deco jewelry. The early 1920s’ interest in Cubism and Dadaism as a new art form greatly influenced the Art Deco period. Additionally, the mysteries of the pyramids and a continuing revival of astrological studies lent themselves to Art Deco designs, which in turn were incorporated in the Art Moderne period following 1930.

Art-deco jewelry is one of the most sought-after jewelry categories, as demonstrated by auction results. (

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