Tiffany Curtain Border hanging shades, circa 1910

Tiffany Curtain Border hanging shades, circa 1910

Pair of Tiffany favrile glass and bronze Curtain Border hanging shades c. 1910, the broad domical shade composed of geometric glass tiles in heavily mottled glass, above a lower border of vertical rectangular sections 16×24

Replacement Value: $225,000

L. C. Tiffany was born in 1848 and lived until 1933. His family today operates the well renown TIFFANY & CO of New York, known for t`s jewelry and exquisite luxury items. During his youth his main interest was painting. He was a member of the National Academy at the age of 23 an accomplishment that has yet to have been achieved again. Tiffany favrile has continued to maintain its market values because of the uniqueness.

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