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Brooklyn, NY

Bruce Rosen

26 weeks ago

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40 weeks ago

Very prompt and professional service

Simon Howarth

44 weeks ago

Great communication and a very slick and easy process. Would have no hesitation at all in recommending.

Lauren O’Shaughnessy

44 weeks ago

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Karen Kruskal

44 weeks ago

Ray was very informative and efficient, and explained the process clearly. It was a pleasure to work with him and his office.

Jennifer Vermeulen

46 weeks ago

I had a great experience with Nugent Appraisal Services. I would recommend them.

Jenn Mickle

49 weeks ago

Ray was great to work with, He answered every question I had even what I thought was the dumbest. Returned the paperwork promptly and was very responsive through email and phone calls.

Andrea Kaliski

Dec 29, 2016

Very efficient and a happy outcome!!!

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Tom Alexander

23 weeks ago

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Henry Z

51 weeks ago

Very professional, on time and accurate!

Amy Ginette

Jan 9, 2017

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Aron TheKing

Dec 22, 2016

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Alan Neiditch

Dec 18, 2016

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Virginia Wolf Gilliam

Dec 2, 2016

Nugent Appraisal was professional, courteous and efficient. The work product was excellent. Thank you!

Wilford McKenzie

Apr 8, 2015

I’ve had a few friends recommend me to Nugent Appraisal, and I took their word. And I’m glad I did. My appraiser was a true professional. He arrived on time, so that was a good start. He was polite, yet fully focused on the task on hand. Beyond that, he was very helpful and within no time, the job was done and I was a happy person.

Leon E McLeod

Apr 2, 2015

I would really like to thank you guys for your amazing job you performed for my family. We were all anxious to find out the value of our grandmother’s jewelry collection, and you helped us find the answer and relaxed our mind. True professionals in the appraisal field.

Las Vegas, NV

Gavin Young Jr

38 weeks ago

I was so pleased when I found Nugent Appraisal Services and their office in Las Vegas. I dealt with Mr Nugent directly and he couldn’t have been more helpful with my appraisal. From start to quick finish, I felt as though I had been treated like a valued customer and I appreciated Mr Nugent’s counsel regarding the manner in which I should sell the piece he appraised. Also, I am writing as a person who spent 8 years in the art auction business in New York City and I am quite familiar with appraisers and appraisal techniques. Nugent Appraisal Services surpassed my expectations and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Naples, FL

Sandy Parker

Oct 24, 2016

I was extremely pleased with my experience with Ray Nugent and Olivia Nugent, with whom I began working on a whole-house furniture appraisal project in my home in April. Ray was my primary contact, responding promptly to all my questions and requests. Olivia was the on-site appraiser. She was prompt, courteous, professional and knowledgeable. They completed the appraisal promptly and delivered an appraisal report that was exactly as described, and exactly what I needed to support a sizable tax-deduction. If you’re in need of professional appraisal services, I could not speak more highly of Nugent!

New York, NY

Marios K.

9 weeks ago

Working with Ray was great. He contacted us via email and then we talked on the phone. The appraisal documents were sent to us in a timely manner and they were complete. I would recommend him for any appraisal services.

Nava Slavin

21 weeks ago

Great service


22 weeks ago

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Miami, FL

Jaime Basagoitia

8 weeks ago

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lois philipp

28 weeks ago

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Enrique Albizu

Oct 13, 2015

Very good. Very professional. Excellent service. Customer satisfaction orientation. I fully recommend it. I would contract his services again.

Orlando, FL

bruce wayne

8 weeks ago

Helpful and informative..

San Francisco, CA

Marc C. Thornburgh

3 days ago

After interviewing a couple estate sales companies I realized that we needed to have a better idea of the value of specific elements in the estate that my parents left. They fastidiously kept receipts when they purchased anything of value over the past several decades but those amounts are irrelevant in today’s market. I chose Nugent to help based on his web site and am very happy with his costs, timing, and overall service. In addition to informing us of present day values, Ray made some very helpful introductions to options to the traditional estate sales companies. When I started the process of disposing of my parents estate I knew nothing about the best process, but in part from Ray’s help, I am quite comfortable that we are using the best path for the task. I strongly recommend Ray if you need appraisals or help dealing with similar issues.

Tampa, FL

Tom Bound

45 weeks ago

Great service. Provides a very professional product and quick service. Highly recommend!

West Palm Beach, FL

Helen Gonzalez

Jan 7, 2017

Very happy with Olivia’s service. Professional, low key and thorough. Follow up on other services was prompt.

Ruth Drew

Aug 18, 2016

Ray & Olivia were great to work with! We appreciate their integrity and honesty. They were very expeditious with their responses and reports. They also gave great insight and recommendations regarding the appraisal. Definitely would recommend them for their stellar services!!! Thank you! Wiley & Ruth Drew


Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I had Ray Nugent and his team appraise my Mother’s house. They were very professional and easy to work with. Olivia Nugent is a Gemologist and diligently examined the jewelry and other items of value. She took pictures and measurements of all requested items.
Once they complete the appraisal of the items they take the information back to their office and do thorough research. They do not give you any values during the appraisal (its not Antiques Roadshow). They prepare a report and send it to you. It is very expensive, and I would caution people that all the items in your home that you think are valuable; probably are not. But sometimes appraisals are necessary. I would highly recommend Nugent Appraisals.

Naples, FL

Daniela C.


Professional, accurate, on time, and they seem not only to really know what they do but love it, as well.

San Francisco, CA


Ray was very responsive and professional. We live in San Francisco and needed an appraisal for IRS tax purposes on a charity donation of brand new furniture and appliances that had been purchased new only a few months before for about $20,000. The products were never used, but installed new in a remodel that we bought. Since we were changing them out for our own appliances, we donated them and provided Ray the documentation on their value. He came back within a day with a fair valuation and a very reasonable price (compared to the competition). Everyone else insisted on conducting a site visit and charging $400 for the visit alone (plus another $400 for the appraisal). Ray charged us $360, if I recall correctly, for the whole appraisal. That is still too expensive, considering it is just used to document your generosity in case the IRS audits your donation, but it is unfortunately a necessary procedure. SInce you gotta do it, might as well do it with Nugent Appraisal Service. You won’t be disappointed.



I contacted Nugent Appraisal services after returning from a Norwegian cruise to the Bahamas because we bought a 30th anniversary ring from Diamonds International. When we bought the ring we had Norwegians “Shoppers Helper” Loren, with us. Loren said she was a gemologist as well as an expert in shopping at these ports. We met Loren when we attended a Norwegian “Shoppers Special Seminar Event” that took place the first day we got on the boat. During the event we were told that the “Shoppers Helper” acted as our advocate when making purchases in port. Loren told us what a great value the ring was and that we should buy it. She even said “I think you should cut to the chase and offer them this specific price”. I told Loren that I felt pressured about the way she was pushing the ring along with the Diamond International Sales Person and she apologized but said she did not want me to miss out on such a great opportunity. So with the help of Loren we bought the ring but I felt very uneasy about our high pressure purchase so I started to investigate the ring and had the uneasy feeling that the ring was not what it had been presented to us as. Once we got back to Miami and got our hotel it was urgent we got a hold of an appraiser as we would be leaving Miami the next day. We contacted Nugent Appraisal and they agreed to send someone to our hotel early the next morning as long as we provided a meeting place with an electrical outlet as they would not send someone up to our room. We completely understood and our hotel, The Intercontinental, provided us with such a room free of charge. The next morning we met Olivia Nugent in the lobby and went to the small room the hotel had provided. Olivia was on time and most gracious. Olivia confirmed my worst fears, the ring was not the value told to us by Diamonds International and our Norwegian Cruise Lines Shoppers Helper. We explained to Olivia what happened and she said that this happens all the time and it really made her mad to deal with clients that got ripped off by Diamonds International as well as the cruise lines. Olivia called the cruise line for us to see if they could help us with this problem and got the run around. We were finally told by Norwegian Cruise Lines that they could not help, as the Norwegian Cruise Lines “Shoppers Helper” was not an employee but a contractor that worked for them. How convenient for them and who knew? Norwegian Cruise lines certainly pushed the shopping seminar we attended as soon as we got on board the ship. But the Cruise Line washed there hands of her once we had a problem. Olivia then called Diamonds International for us and got a hold of a customer service person who gave us a claim number. I have sent the Appraisal which was provided by Nugent Appraisal Services to Diamonds International and am waiting to hear if Diamonds International will make this right. We will see what will come of this but I would strongly suggest that if you plan on buying jewelry while on a cruise you should contact Nugent Appraisal Services BEFORE you buy and stay away of the Cruise Lines Shoppers Helper as they obviously are an advocate for the retail businesses and not the cruise lines guests. However if you are as unlucky as we were, hopefully, with the help of Nugent Appraisal Services you may have some recourse. We will keep our fingers crossed. At any rate our experience with Nugent Appraisal services was exceptional and Olivia truly acted as our advocate as well as an honest friend when dealing with the type of vermin the cruise lines hire, as well as Diamonds International, who prey upon unsuspecting cruise guests.

Personal Notes from Customers:

Hi Ray,

It is so much fun to see what everything is worth! Thank you for your thorough and detailed work. We really appreciate it.

Sarah and Fred Deschamps, Naples, FL
Thank you Ray! You made this process very easy for me. I am very grateful for it.

Lily Lee, NYC
Hello Ray,

I have spent the last hour reading, studying and looking at 692 pictures by your able and charming vice president and beautiful daughter, Olivia. I am both impressed and very pleased at the professional report of your appraised amount. It took me more than three years to find a firm that I could feel comfortable with. I do believe that I found the best in the nation. It was well worth the wait time.

All of us at the museum hope that you will be able to visit us in the near future. Should the occasion arise I will certainly recommend your firm.

The best to you and Olivia,

Joe Reuss, Cuero, Texas


Debra Murray was wonderful – very detailed, considerate and gracious during this tough time for our step-father.

Christien, Naples, FL


Thanks Ray. This is a very professional and detailed appraisal report.

John Kossos


RAY: Perfect Thank you. WE’ll keep you in mind for the next one…! Excellent service Thanks a million.

Pierre Everaert, NYC


Thank you so much Ray. My insurance broker was absolutely impressed by this report, as was I. He said he had never seen such a thorough appraisal report and informed me he would be recommending you to current and future clients of his. I will definitely use you again in the future and will certainly recommend you. Many thanks,

Adam Noles


I was so pleased when I found Nugent Appraisal Services and their office in Las Vegas. I dealt with Mr Nugent directly and he couldn’t have been more helpful with my appraisal. From start to quick finish, I felt as though I had been treated like a valued customer and I appreciated Mr Nugent’s counsel regarding the manner in which I should sell the piece he appraised. Also, I am writing as a person who spent 8 years in the art auction business in New York City and I am quite familiar with appraisers and appraisal techniques. Nugent Appraisal Services surpassed my expectations and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Gavin Young Jr., Las Vegas


Thanks Ray,
I will be sending over the other items in the next couple months as well. Thanks again for the very professional product. I will definitely recommend you to others!

Tom Bound, Tampa


I worked with Olivia over a span of a few weeks in a consulting role in order to find a one of a kind high priced piece. Not only was I very impressed by her knowledge of the industry, but was floored to know that she found exactly was I was looking to purchase in less than a week. A few weeks after the fact; I am certain that I received the best price for the piece because I had a friend like Olivia looking out for my best interest.”
Brent M., Fort Lauderdale, FL


Thank you for the quick turn around. The report looks great.

Matt Lilling, New York, NY


Thank you and Olivia for your very timely work!
Terry and I appreciate the work Olivia did in our home. She had to stand in the middle of a mess and was very professional.
I will be referring your company to anyone who may need an appraisal.

Liz W., Palm Beach, FL


Thank you for the reports, very good information.
I must say Olivia is very professional, I wouldn’t do business with anyone else. Completely satisfied with your work. I will highly recommend your services.

Rafael de Madalengoitia, Tamarac, FL


I enjoyed working with Olivia. She is delightful and clearly very talented.
Thank you so much.

Jane Balmer, Naples, FL


Olivia is a darling girl. Smart, warm, polite. It as a pleasure to work with her.
Vicki Levi, NYC


Ray, Thank you and excellent work. I look forward to working with you in the future.

John Freeman, Orlando, FL


Ray Nugent’s presentation at our DEMA’s March meeting was very valuable and informative. It was great education to those who have never done business with a general appraisal company. He taught us about the appraisal process, what certifications to look for and the ways in which they relate and work along with insurance companies and the IRS. If you are looking for an informative presentation Ray is your man!!!
Gary Cockerham, Palm Beach Chapter President
Domestic Estate Managers Association


“Thank you. What a great report. Still can’t believe my 6 year old found a 5 carat ruby.”
Kristine, Naples FL


“Ray, I’m extremely pleased with the work that Nugent Appraisal has performed. Your company was highly recommended by my mother’s estate lawyer, and I can see why. When I explained that I was settling an estate and would be in Naples for only a short time, you went out of your way to arrange separate appointments with your Gemologist and a senior appraiser of collectibles, rugs, etc. over the Christmas holiday. Both appraisers came to our condo to do their work. What a convenience! They were not only professional and efficient but also very personable and informative about the appraisal process. The fact that I received the results within a week from one and within 4 days from the other meant that your experts were truly dedicated to providing the best service ever. We have total confidence in their findings and now feel comfortable in moving forward with the equitable distribution of property. You, too, have been easily accessible, informative, and prompt to respond to my inquiries. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to others. Thank you again.”
Nancy Crocker, Denver, CO Jan. 2013


“We’re happy with the value and very, very pleased with your quick turnaround!”
Arlene Patton


Good Morning Ray, got the report. Thank you for your help. I will be happy to recommend you. Have a good day.
Tom Wortmann


“All I can say is “wow!” and that I am extremely impressed with your report’s thoroughness and level of detail. The furniture’s value is much higher than I expected so I am very glad I contacted you. Thank you again for your professionalism and for the quick turnaround. I will definitely be contacting you again should we require such services in the future – and will be sure to spread the word.
Regards, Bill Connors, Carnation, WA


“Thank you for an outstanding job at handling an appraisal for the IRS of my extensive scientific journal collection which I donated to a local Houston University!”
Dr. Thomas Wilson


“Thanks so much for your appraisal service. Very convenient, professional, and affordable.”
Serena, Sykesville, Maryland


“You and your service have been fantastic and I’m telling all my friends and family about your business. I appreciate your prompt replies and accessibility, as well.”
Theresa, Fort Mill, South Carolina


“Ray, thank you for the quick turnaround. All I can say is, wow! The appraised value far exceeded my expectations and the appraiser’s comments clarified persistent questions I and other family members have had regarding the object’s origin and so on. I’ve decided to stop using the vase as a door stop and to put it in a display case instead. Again, thank you.”
Tom McHalpine


“Ray, once again I want to thank you for your fast and professional service. The certified appraisal you did was well researched, full of information and must have taken many hours which makes it a great value as well. Thanks for your help.”
Joey D, North Carolina


“Dear Ray, these are perfectly presented appraisals. I am delighted with what you did. I would like to talk with you soon about other things with which you might help us. I send my many thanks.”
Miranda, Columbia, SC


“Thank you so very much Mr Nugent. I am very pleased as well as surprised at both their values. These books , along with your certificates, will be passed down to my children.”
Mrs. Sunshine Allen


“The report is great! Thanks so much for your work on this. I will look to use you moving forward.”
Alexander Kaplan, New York City


“Ray is intuitive and a good listener which made the process enjoyable. He provided the service in a timely manner, and was punctual for the meetings. His willingness to continue to work with us long distance to ensure our understanding of the results was a step beyond what was called for, and greatly appreciated.”
Marj Bernstrom, Florida


“Thank you very much for all (4) sword appraisals. We appreciate the professionalism.”
Ed Mason


“Dear Mr. Nugent, I want to thank you so much the appraisal certificate, which I have received. Certainly I will demand new services as soon as I receive a very old oils/canvas, circa 1940 that I´m waiting.”
Ivan R. Bastos Pereira, Brasilia – DF- Brazil


“Thanks, Ray for the online appraisal. It was very thorough and complete.”
Nancy Conniar


“Since 2007, Nugent Appraisal has provided numerous fine art appraisals (for Insurance and IRS purposes) for my large private art collection. They have been a trusted and reliable resource in providing quality professional appraisals in a timely manner. Highly recommend Nugent Appraisal!”
Kenneth Grams, Art Collector, Texas


“The principals at Nugent Appraisal Service have always been a pleasure to work with on the variety of projects we’ve done together. Regardless of who initiated the transaction, I’ve always found them extremely courteous, punctual and willing to go that extra mile to close a deal. Dawson and Nye has always enjoyed a very rewarding and prosperous relationship with the Nugents and look forward to not just maintaining but growing the corporate ties as they continue to expand throughout the southeast.”
John Nye, President – Dawson and Nye Auctioneers/Appraisers, DawsonandNye.com


“I’ve worked with Ray using his appraisal services for going on two decades, and know him to be a highly qualified professional!”
Robert Enright, Esq., Ft. Myers, FL


“Ray has provided excellent quality work.”
Tom Tippett, President, T.A. Tippett, Inc.


“I Robert Dienert would like to thank and recommend Nugent appraisal service for the outstanding and professional appraisal they did on my Miro painting I have tried many other appraisal services and never got such professional and fast service as I have with this service . I will continue using them in the very near future thank you again for the great job done.”
Robert Dienert


“Ray Nugent grasped the essential idea that my work was important in recognizing the uses of color as a means to my lifetime goal: to deliver poetry to all people. My concept in the use of color was to show the elements and beauty of poetry, and Ray not only saw that but understood and appreciated it. As he said, you wisely used whatever technology was available, but in the end color was always the means. Ray Nugent has the rare ability to capture the essence of a collected body of work and appraise its true value.”
Dr. Edmund Skellings, Poet Laureate of the State of Florida


“Thanks for your time and professionalism. I will do my best to recruit further business for your wonderful services. Thanks.”
Celeste in Miami


“We continue to keep you in mind when these types of services arise. As in the past we continue to appreciate you and your staff’s standard of professionalism and efficiency in appraisal services.”
Jody Gerlach, Paralegal


“We have always been satisfied with you and your staff. You are always at the top of our list.”
Sue Sprouse, Paralegal


“Ray was fast and incredibly thorough in his appraisal–a pleasure to work with.”
James Ford in Montana


“Thanks for the fast service, good information, and communication. I’ll be sure to use you in the future.”

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