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A remote appraisal is a cost-saving, time-saving way to receive an accurate, independent value from a team of experienced appraisal professionals. Our team of accredited appraisers value thousands of items every month from around the country. Many of our online, remote appraisal reports are used for insurance scheduling, damage claim resolution, and charitable donation for tax deduction.


If your item information/images are insufficient for our team to identify and accurately value, we will contact you in order to fill in the information gap.


An online valuation is for you if:

  • You do not have an independent expert appraiser in your area
  • You have (3) or fewer items to be appraised
  • You are uncertain if your item has significant market value
  • You need a valuation quickly
  • You want to save money on an appraisal fee
  • Your item(s) has already been appraised and you need a value update

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