Sterling Silver Tray

Sterling Silver Tray

International Silver sterling silver round tray, Roberta pattern, piece #5170, 11 inches diameter.


Founded in November of 1898, the International Silver Company was formed in Connecticut through the combination of 14 previously independent silver companies. The original company consisted of Barbour Silver Company, based in Hartford; Holmes & Edwards Silver Company, based in Bridgeport; Manhattan Silver Plate, based in Lyons, New York; Meriden Britannia Company, based in Meriden; Norwich Cutlery, based in Norwich; William Rogers Manufacturing Company, based in Hartford; Rogers Cutlery, based in Hartford; Rogers and Brothers, based in Waterbury; Rogers and Hamilton, based in Waterbury, Wilcox Silver Plate, based in Meriden; Watrous Manufacturing Company, based in Wallingford and Standard Silver Company, Ltd., based in Toronto, Canada.
Four more companies were added in the beginning of 1899: Derby Silver Company, based in Derby; Simpson, Hall, Miller & Company, based in Wallingford; Simpson Nickel Company, based in Wallingford; and Middletown Plate Company, based in Middletown. Lastly, in January, 1903, the growing company acquired the stock of the United States Silver Corporation, which gave International Silver Company indirect ownership of the firm C. Rogers & Brothers, which was based also Meriden. Source:

International Silver Sterling Tray

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