Stamp Collection Appraisal

Stamp Collection Appraisal

Stamp Appraisal

Our stamp appraisal experts stay busy certifying the value of stamp collections. In fact, currently, we are appraising three sizable collections. It is likely we will be tasked with selling all three collections for the benefit of the heirs of the collectors. As independent appraisers we are removed from the role of purchaser. This is protection to our appraisal client as one should never ask a valuation expert what something is worth when the expert has an interest in buying. This would present a very real conflict of interest.


If you’re not yet sure what you want to do with the stamp collection, at the very least, keep it safe until a decision is made. Maintain the collection in a cool, dry place. Humidity or moisture can cause damage to the stamps and reduce value. Next, cross your fingers and hope there is a complete, detailed inventory list. An inventory will be a short cut to determining the value of the collection.


CONTACT US  to discuss your stamp collection. There is no cost or obligation. An appraisal may not be necessary for several reasons – quick sale, lack of value, lack of resources, etc. Regardless, our stamp appraisal professionals will do our best to get you on the course of action that is in your best interest.


If you decide to keep the stamp collection it may be in your best interest to insure it. We produce certified appraisal reports that meet insurer standards. Many choose to reduce their tax burden by gifting the stamp collection to a charitable organization. Finally, “cash is king”, so if selling the collection is your desire then maximizing the selling price is the goal. Receiving the amount (and more) the collection is worth involves knowing what that amount is and having the ability to market it to the largest number of serious buyers possible. These are the two tasks that the independent stamp appraisal professionals at Nugent Appraisal specialize in – value and presentation.

CONTACT US today to discuss, at no cost or obligation, your stamp collection.

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