Collectibles is a broad category of personal property. Think of the thousands of items people choose to collect – some for monetary reasons, many for personal interest. Our experienced appraisal professionals certify the value of single collectible items, small groupings, and large collections. The actual value of a collection is often greater than the accumulated value of the individual pieces. Think of the time, cost, and effort invested in building a collection from the very first item you acquired. This reality often translates to increased value. Certifying the value of a varied and unique collectible collection is an expertise that our experienced and well-qualified appraisers perform regularly.


Independent certified collectible appraisal reports for Estate Settlement, Equitable Distribution, Insurance, Divorce, Charitable Donation, and Buy/Sell of:


  • Sets of China and Porcelain Figurines
  • Sports and Historical Memorabilia
  • Books and Documents
  • Weaponry and Firearms
  • Stamps and Coins


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Some of our most recent Collectibles appraisals:


  • ‘Quadrupeds of North America’ by Audubon and Bachman

    Set of 3 leather bound books entitled The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America (Complete Set) by the author Audubon and Bachman published by John James Audubon (1785-1851) and Rev. John Bachman (1790-1874) copyright New York 1845-1848 1st edition 3 volumes, 150 hand-coloured lithographs. Replacement Value:......

  • Collectible Liberty Goddess Weathervane

    Cushing & White molded and painted copper Liberty Goddess dated September 12, 1865 weathervane Waltham, Massachusetts: Property From The Alvin E. Friedman-Kien Foundation, 24x10x5 Replacement Value: $805,000 Exhibiting a graceful pose and a vibrant animation characteristic of the most successful of weathervanes, this magnificent Liberty......

  • Presidential (Abraham Lincoln) dinner plate, 1861

    Limoges, France: Haviland & Co. porcelain Presidential (Abraham Lincoln) dinner plate from the White House State Dinner Service ordered by Mary Lincoln in May 1861 9 inches wide Replacement Value: $35,000 White porcelain, 9 in. diameter, shaped edges. Hand-painted in New York by Edward Lycett:......

  • Multi-Blade Exhibition Knife, English, circa 1895

    A Magnificent Multi-Blade Exhibition Knife, English, circa 1895. Replacement Value: $17,000 Exhibition knives of the nineteenth century are arguably the finest knives that have ever been made. In all likelihood, their equal will never be seen again. This spectacular knife would has been made with......