Selling Items – Residential Contents and Estate Sale

A common scenario for our team is a request for an appraisal after the death of an elderly loved one that lived in Florida. Often times, family members and beneficiaries live out of state. Sometimes suddenly, the house and contents of the deceased need to be settled – items need to be identified, valued, distributed and/or sold.


Nugent Appraisal has been assisting families with Estate Settlement and Equitable Distribution responsibilities for 40 years. We can differentiate the more valuable items from the less valuable, more common residential contents. If desired, we sell the more valuable items in separate sales channels in order to maximize the selling profit while grouping the more common contents in order to sell quickly and completely. The bottom line is we take the worry and effort out of monetizing items that you have no interest or room for in your lives.


Our estate sale service includes:


• Onsite Appraisal to Identify Valuable Items
• Selling Higher Value Items Separately to Maximize Profit
• Organizing Common Lower Value Items for Liquidation
• Making Arrangements for Removing All Items


There is no cost or obligation associated with understanding how we help can you maximize the selling price of your contents.


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