Selling a Single Item

The larger the potential market (pool of interested buyers), the greater selling amount you are likely to realize. In other words, the more demand, the more value. Because of this fundamental, if your single item does not fit into a box that can be mailed or somewhat easily transported, then your selling options will be limited. There are exceptions, like very rare and valuable large items that buyers are willing to pay freight charges in order to receive them.

The more common categories of single items we excel in selling for owners include:


• Jewelry
• Fine Art
• Decorative Art
• Collectibles
• Memorabilia


We are experts at valuing and describing items. If you require assistance in understanding the true market value of an item and would like the item described accurately to a worldwide pool of interested buyers then contact us, because we can help.


There is no cost or obligation associated with understanding how we help you maximize the selling price of your item.


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