Sample Appraisal: Wooden Hutch

Sample Appraisal: Wooden Hutch

Appraisal ID: 11301
Appraised On: Aug 28, 2006
Market Value: $ 1,800.00
Replacement Value: $ 2,200.00


The heavily carved figural relief, possibly made from Honduras
mahogany, along with the hand-decorated leather panels are
representative of a high quality artisan’s work that typically today are
found throughout the Caribbean. The leather is possibly from native
reptiles which are traded as pets, and their parts, particularly their
skins, are used for leather products such as furniture adornments,
shoes, wallets, handbags, and watchbands. Many products are made from
reptiles from sustainably harvested populations. But some species in
trade are protected and may be subject to export restrictions. The point
is that this restriction of limited access obviously affects the
replacement value on a direct comparison basis. Since there is no
further identification marks provided, it is appropriate to value this
item on the comparative basis of like, kind and quality with other
similar types of furniture that have been recently sold through
verifiable auction sales activities.
Item/Title: Not sure
Date/Period of Manufacture: Unknown
Condition: excellent
Manufacturer/Artist/Author: Unknown
Dimensions (HxWxD): 60 High by 42 wide Unsure of weight.
Inscription: See what appears to be a crest on lower panel.
History/Provenance: Aquired in Bermuda some years ago. May have been a displayed in a hotel here in Bermuda.

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age, quality, origin, appearance, provenance and condition, within a
reasonable length of time in an appropriate market.

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