Sample Appraisal: Two Crystal Lamps

Sample Appraisal: Two Crystal Lamps

Appraisal ID: 11553
Appraised On: Oct 24,2006
Market Value: $600.00/pair
Replacement Value: $750.00/pair


This appears to be a pair of circa turn of the 20th century four
light girandoles, with crystal prisms and bobeches. (Originally,
bobeches were used to catch dripping wax from a candlestick, but today
they can be used on chandeliers and candelabras to accent the pieces.)
The lamps measure 29″ high and 21″ wide and are in good condition.
A girandole is a candelabra ornamented with pendants and festoons of cut
crystal. It is a pyramid-shaped candelabra with from two to six
candles. The framework of metal may be in one of many finishes such as
dull silver, bronze, gilt or polychrome (multi-colored). Girandoles may
also be found in which the supports are of crystal. Girandoles, in
pairs, were generally placed on the mantel of the dining room or drawing
room, or on the dining table for formal feasts.
Item/Title: crystal lamps
Date/Period of Manufacture: It was my
Condition: good
Manufacturer/Artist/Author: I dont know
Dimensions (HxWxD): 29inches tallX 21 in wide
Inscription: not that I see
History/Provenance: It was my grandmothers then my
mothers at least 40years+

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