Sample Appraisal: Tea Server (Tea Pot)

Sample Appraisal: Tea Server (Tea Pot)

Appraisal ID: 11330
Appraised On: Aug 30, 2006
Market Value: $200.00-$300.00
Replacement Value: $300.00


John O. Mead was born in Connecticut circa 1796.
He worked from 1830 to 1835 as a silverplater in Chicopee Massachusetts
overseeing the plating and gilding work at N. P. Ames Manufacturing
Company. He then worked from about 1835 to 1840 as a silverplater in
Birmingham, Warwickshire, England, where he learned the new technique of
electroplating. On returning to America, he set up a small factory in
Philadelphia, probably the first in the country to practice the new
technique. Mead then worked from 1840 to 1867 as a silverplater in
Philadelphia PA. His firm took various forms and partnerships over time.
His sons, James and Edmund, worked with him as J. O. MEAD & SONS
for several years. Later he was joined by Filley and Caldwell, working
as FILLEY, MEAD & CALDWELL, then Frederick Robbins, as MEAD &
ROBBINS. Finally, he was a partner circa 1850 with Filley in
Philadelphia as FILLEY & MEAD. Mead dies in Philadelphia circa 1867.
Item/Title: Tea Pot -Tea Server.
Date/Period of Manufacture: Maybe seventy five to One Hundred years.
Condition: Very Good Condition.
Manufacturer/Artist/Author: Filley & Mead of Phila.
Dimensions (HxWxD): Nine(9) Inches High
Ten(10) to Twelve(12) Inches Wide.
About One and a half Lbs.
Inscription: Yes! Signature, Numbers and Maker.
History/Provenance: Two years ago I was helping a
friend clean her garage and she gave me this item.I don’t know how long
she had it or where she got it.

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