Sample Appraisal: Table

Sample Appraisal: Table

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This is an early 20th century quarter-sawn oak table, the round
divided top with a deep plain apron raised on a heavy pedestal base on
four heavy splayed legs. Good condition. Size: 28″H x 44″ diameter.
Quartersawn oak, a material little used today, is one of the hallmarks
of the Arts & Crafts and Prairie styles. At the sawmill, the log is
first split into four quarters (hence the name ‘quartersawn’), then cut
on the diagonal from the center of the tree out toward the edges. A
peculiarity of oak is that it has very strong, well defined ‘rays’
running from the center of the tree outward. The quartersawing method
places these rays on the face of the board, revealing the distinctive
stripe or ‘ray fleck’ running across the grain that is the signature of
quartersawn oak. According to Gustav Stickley “The quartersawing method
of cutting…renders quartersawn oak structurally stronger, also finer
in grain, and, as shown before, less liable to warp and check than when
sawn in any other way.” Quartersawing fell out of favor in the first
half of this century because it yields less lumber per tree and takes
more labor than plainsawing.
Date/Period of Manufacture: Table was in
family . The family farm was started in 1865. Members remember it as
always being in the dining room.
Condition: very good.
Manufacturer/Artist/Author: unknown
Dimensions (HxWxD): 28″H x 44″ diameter
Inscription: None
History/Provenance: When my great uncle died the
estate was put up for auction. I purchased it at the sale.

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