Sample Appraisal: Small Japanese Table or Pedestal

Sample Appraisal: Small Japanese Table or Pedestal

Appraisal ID: 11365
Appraised On: Sep 08, 2006
Market Value: $ 325.00
Replacement Value: $ 450.00


This is a 19th century Chinese low table with ivory or bone and wood inlay detail and highly carved legs with phoenix motif. The table uses the traditional mortise and tenon construction and is in very good condition. Size is 11″ high by 12″ diameter.

Chinese are fond of furniture with inlaid and carved work. In addition to shells and enamel chips, brilliant, colorful, and artistically grained jade, stones, ivory (and other animal teeth), horn, agate, and amber are used for inlaid designs. Another elegant technique used since ancient times is the inlaying of different kinds and colors of woods in a
single piece. The methods of carving include relief carving, negative
engraving, and free-style carving. Common subjects for furniture carving
are flowers; dragons and phoenixes; the ch’ilin, a Chinese mythical
beast; and stylized cloud and leaf patterns.
Item/Title: Unknown
Date/Period of Manufacture: We have had it for over 45 years. We purchased at an antique store.
Condition: Very Good
Manufacturer/Artist/Author: Unknown
Dimensions (HxWxD): 12″ Diameter Top and 11″ High weighs approx. 3-5 lbs
Inscription: none
History/Provenance: We have for it for 45 years.
Purchased it at antique store in Sarasota, FL. The ivory inlays are good
detail and the carved Phenixes on the legs are great detail.

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