Sample Appraisal: Silkscreen by Patrick Nagel

Sample Appraisal: Silkscreen by Patrick Nagel

Appraisal ID: 5982783
Appraised On: 2/21/11
Market Value: $2,000.00
Replacement Value: $2,800.00


Remote identification of this
item has been determined to the best of the appraiser’s ability from at least
one or more of the following: description, image, third-party certificate of
authenticity, receipt of origination and statement of provenance. The
information has been provided by the owner or other person placing the order. The appraiser is not certifying the
authenticity of the listed item but offering an opinion of value, as the item
was represented, based on the Market Comparison Approach to Value.


Artist: NAGEL, Patrick (American,
1945-1984). Silkscreen on heavy rag paper. Artist signed in lower right; circa
early 1980s; limited edition numbered 16/285. Size: 24” x 33”. Condition:


This is a silkscreen by
American artist Patrick Nagel. It features a tall standing woman. She has long
dark windblown hair. She is wearing a crisp white blouse with the collar turned
up. She has a wide belt at her waist and a long black skirt. Patrick Nagel was
an artist known for his wood print like style illustrations and posters. He
completed many commissions for various corporations and magazines and an album
cover for the popular 80s band, Duran Duran. The bulk of his work was done for
Playboy magazine. His work used bold dark lines and cool flat colors. Nagel
died at a young age of a heart attack.

*Current Fair Market Value
is the price agreed upon between a willing buyer and seller, neither being
required to act, and both having a reasonable knowledge of the facts. **Replacement
Value is the price in terms of money that would be required to replace the
property with another of similar age, quality, origin, appearance, provenance
and condition, within a reasonable length of time in an appropriate market.

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