Sample Appraisal: Signed and Numbered Limited Giclee on Canvas

Sample Appraisal: Signed and Numbered Limited Giclee on Canvas

Appraisal ID: 10234
Appraised On: Jan 14, 2006
Market Value: $ 400.00
Replacement Value: $ 500.00


This artwork is described as a painting, but it is actually a
print. A Glicee is a type of fine art print. It takes its name from the
French term meaning “spray of ink.” It has become quite popular in
recent years because the resolution is so much higher than can be
obtained from a traditional lithographic print and has a wider range of
color than serigraphy. Giclee´ prints render deep saturated colors and
have a beautiful painterly quality that retains minute detail, subtle
tints and blends. The piece was produced by artist, Peter Ellenshaw
(1931-). Ellenshaw is primarily a landscape artist, but he has also been
contracted by Disney on several occasions to produce artwork for
prints, books, jigsaw puzzles, etc. Because this is a Glicee, there is
no way of knowing the size of the original painting since the technique
allows the finished print to be in any size. The price paid for the
Glicee was exorbitant in any case; an original painting by Ellenshaw is
typically valued at a few thousand dollars at most. Based on comparative
data for other Ellenshaw artwork recently sold, and considering the
similarities and differences for the condition, size, artistic merit,
and age, we have valued the subject piece as indicated.
Item/Title: ‘Sweeps Dance’ On The Rooftops Of London
Date/Period of Manufacture: 1999
Condition: very good, one scratch on bottom left corner of frame only.
Manufacturer/Artist/Author: Peter Ellenshaw/Disney
Dimensions (HxWxD): painting= 24Hx36W, with frame=33Hx45W
Inscription: Signature with 3/200 mark
History/Provenance: My ex-husband purchased it from
Hoffman Gallery of Long Grove, Illinois on 2-9-2000. Purchase price was
$1275 +tax. I kept it in the divorce (it was a gift to me), along with
the receipt and certificate of authenticity. My confusion…I see
online 2 editions. A plain one numbered 1-500 and an enhanced edition
numbered 1-200. I cannot tell which one mine is, because there are no
“enhanced” marks that I can see on the canvas, but it is numbered in the
“of 200” type.

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age, quality, origin, appearance, provenance and condition, within a
reasonable length of time in an appropriate market.

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