Sample Appraisal: Rug

Sample Appraisal: Rug

Appraisal ID: 11402
Appraised On: Sep 25, 2006
Market Value: $ 1,200.00
Replacement Value: $ 1,500.00


20th century Tabriz from Iran with ivory open field and elongated
red and light green center medallion and light blue main border. Medium
pile in good condition. Size: 6’7″ x 10’6″.
Tabriz is the capitol and the historical key city in Iranian Azerbaijan.
It was an important weaving center from at least the fifteenth century
forward. It was the capitol of the Safavid Shahs for a period of time.
It fell to the Ottoman in 1534 for a brief time. Tabriz has been a
center of the Persian carpet trade for hundreds and perhaps thousands of
Tabriz carpets come in a wide variety of design but are always made with
symmetrical knot.
Quality spans all grades from Bazaar quality all the way up to some of
the best rugs woven in Iran.
Item/Title: I think it is a Tabriz rug
Date/Period of Manufacture: i believe it is at least 25 to 50 years of age
Condition: item is in,I guess, fair to good condition.
wool pile would be even and appears unworn, except that approximately
5-10 areas have missing wool pile at different spots in the rug. the
selvedges and frills apperar in perfect condition. the colors are
vibrant and not faded.
Manufacturer/Artist/Author: I believe the rug was handmade in Iran
Dimensions (HxWxD): seven feet six inches by ten feet six inches
Inscription: it has a very stiff-weaved backing and a short wool pile
History/Provenance: i purchased the rug back in 1990
from a rug import store here in albany. i knew very little about rugs. i
still know very little about rugs. the rug store used to be located on
the main avenue here in downtown albany on central avenue. i purchased
the back in 1990. the cost for the rug was about 500 dollars. the store
went out of business some years ago, so i was never able to find out any
more about the rug. i never had a chance to use the rug, so i have had
it rolled up all this time in storage until now.

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