Sample Appraisal: Pottery Jug

Sample Appraisal: Pottery Jug

Appraisal ID: 11542
Appraised On: Oct 24, 2006
Market Value: $ 150.00
Replacement Value: $ 195.00


Ca. mid 19th century ovoid shape two gallon stoneware jug stamped
Walker & Co., Boston, Mass., measuring 15″ high. Good condition.
Stoneware was made of finer and denser clays and fired in a kiln much
hotter than for earthenware [above 2,000° F.], resulting in a hard body
for which no other glazing needed to be used than what is produced by
the common salt that was coated over the ware. The salt vapor supplied a
roughish , glassy coating that was colorless. According to the clays
used and the temperature of the kiln, wares ranged from the familiar
grey body to buff or cream, even a dark brown.
The popular class of stonewares were chiefly utility articles: common
crocks, jugs, or churns, along with other things made for amusement,
such as whistles and money banks, bird or animal figures. Most of it was
greyware, and after about 1800 the vessels were usually coated inside
with brown Albany slip.
The favorite decoration was freehand painting in cobalt blue, or rarely
brown. Initials and dates, birds or flowers and scrolls, might be
emphasized with scratched lines or die-stamped flowerets, though after
about 1850 stenciled designs were widely used.

Many redware potters made stoneware also, and from c. 1800 often marked
their work with a die-stamped name and perhaps the place. But later than
1850 and especially in the Midwest, crocks might show the name not of
their maker but of some wholesaler to whom they were supplied.
Stoneware was developed because of fear of poison from lead-glazed
Date/Period of Manufacture: Not Known
Condition: Very Good
Manufacturer/Artist/Author: Bennington ??
Dimensions (HxWxD): 15 Inches high
Inscription: Walker & Co
7 Haverhill St.
Has a large 2 inderneath this inscription
Decorated with a blue bird figure
History/Provenance: Part of my mother’s collection, but I do not know where she got it.

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