Sample Appraisal: Muzzleloading Rifle, Percussion

Sample Appraisal: Muzzleloading Rifle, Percussion

Appraisal ID: 10307
Appraised On: Jan 21, 2006
Market Value: $ 1,500.00
Replacement Value: $ 1,900.00


This is a signed pre-1899 muzzleloading percussion rifle (the
other type would be flint). Based on the description – the type of wood,
the engraving, the size, etc. – we assume this rifle was made in the
South, probably Kentucky, though it could have been Tennessee or
Mississippi. The manufacture of muzzleloading rifles was at its height
during the Civil War; after the war production continued though at a
slower pace for obvious reasons. A rifle like this in excellent
condition is quite collectible and would bring top dollar in the right
auction. Based on comparative data for other muzzleloading rifles
recently sold, and considering the similarities and differences for the
condition, size, artistic merit, and age, we have valued the subject gun
as indicated.
Item/Title: Percussion muzzeloading rifle
Date/Period of Manufacture: I think made around 1880
Condition: Very good. No rust, bore amazingly clean but not perfect. Stock, walnut with some burl, in very good shape.
Manufacturer/Artist/Author: George Prat Foster
Dimensions (HxWxD): Overall 51 inchs , barrel 34 inchs, about 9 lbs.
Inscription: G.P. foster on barrel On left
side of breach plug which is also ingraved ‘ G.P. Foster ‘ below that ‘
patent intended ‘ ’48 ‘ in front of trigger gaurd ‘778 ‘ on both
History/Provenance: No family history to myself. Bought it at a rather small auction in south Missouri. I have owned it for about 2 yrs now.

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