Sample Appraisal: Lithographic Print

Sample Appraisal: Lithographic Print

Appraisal ID: 14424
Appraised On: Apr 26, 2009
Market Value: $ 1,195.00
Replacement Value: $ 1,613.00


Lithograph; framed; paper; circa 1900/1901; signed in upper left
Paul Berthon; Condition: Good.
This lithograph is titled “Tres Gracieuse Sa Majeste La Reine
Wilhelmine”. It is of Queen Wilhemina of the Netherlands. It shows the
Queen as a young woman in profile. The lithograph uses the brown and
yellow tones that came to be associated with Berthon’s later work.
The image shows the Queen in a distinctive Dutch style lace cap and
coller with windmills in the background. Flowers add detail to the
The frame has a brass plate with “Queen Wilhemina” etched on it.The
frame is also of the time period of the lithograph. On the back of the
frame is attached an 11 page article from a 1931 New York Times magazine
about the Queen on the occasion of her birthday.
This image was reproduced in only a limited number before the
stone was destroyed.
Paul Berthon is considered one of the leading figures in the Art
Nouveau movement. In his brief life ( 1872-1901) he produced only 94
original lithographs. His work was influenced by nature and his study
of Japanese wood cuts.
He later used a more autumnal set of colors in his work. Berthon was
unusual for his time in that he did not allow any letter press or
advertising to be placed on his work.
Queen Wilhemina (1880-1962) was Queen of the Netherlands from 1890
until 1948. She had the longest reign of any Dutch monarch to date.
Item/Title: Queen Wilhemina
Date/Period of Manufacture: 1900
Condition: excellent
Manufacturer/Artist/Author: paul berthon
Dimensions (HxWxD): frame 19 1/2″ X 20 3/4″…print is 14″ X 15″
Inscription: signed in stone by Paul Berthon upper left hand corner
History/Provenance: I bought this in late march 2009

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