Sample Appraisal: Ladies Rolex

Sample Appraisal: Ladies Rolex

Appraisal ID: 11334
Appraised On: Sep 02,2006
Market Value: $2,700.00
Replacement Value: $3,500.00


This is a vintage 18K Ladies Rolex Precision watch with a bangle
band and a hinged face cover encrusted with 16 diamonds in a diamond
patters. The approximate date can be determined by finding the serial
number on the watch. With the bracelet removed, view the serial and
model number which are between the lugs at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock.
(There is not a serial number inside the case.)
Montres Rolex makes watches recognized worldwide as accurate, durable,
expensive, and often imitated. Founded by Hans Wilsdorf in 1905, the
Swiss company is credited with making the wristwatch popular. Rolex, the
first to create a waterproof, airtight, and dustproof watch, makes
men’s and women’s watches, stopwatches, pocket watches, and clocks. Its
gold, bronze, and stainless steel watches are available with diamonds or
other precious stones. Known for shunning trends, Rolex withstood the
digital Seiko-quartz watch movement of the ’70s. The secretive company
still makes most of its products by hand.
Date/Period of Manufacture: No
idea…however there is a 63 stamped inside the case back
Condition: excellent….no scratches on the case and
Manufacturer/Artist/Author: Rolex – swiss
Dimensions (HxWxD): 32.3 grams
Inscription: Montres Rolex (inside back of
History/Provenance: Belongs to a customer

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