Sample Appraisal: Individual Creamer

Sample Appraisal: Individual Creamer

Appraisal ID: 11378
Appraised On: Sep 12, 2006
Market Value: $ 40.00/2
Replacement Value: $ 50.00/2


Circa first quarter 20th century porcelain pitchers/creamers with
fruit motif and gilt decoration. Marked “Made in Germany.” Size: 4″H.
Good condition.
The label “Made in Germany” was originally introduced to Britain by the
Merchandise Marks Act of 1887, to mark foreign produce more obviously,
as the British society considered foreign products to be inferior to
domestic products, and tried to get buyers to adhere to the concept of
‘buying British’. In 1894, the German Reichstag’s commission reported
that after suffering slight losses, German manufacturers soon found the
label to be of good use since they could distinguish themselves better
from the British manufacturers. This led to more and more manufacturers
voluntarily applying the label, and not even World War I, in which marks
were mandatory in Britain in order to boycott the Axis countries’
products, could dent the growing popularity of the mark. The term “Made
in Germany” soon became known as a synonym for reliability and quality,
and especially after World War II, its popularity skyrocketed.
In the U.S. in 1891, the McKinley Tariff Act was passed which required
that the name of the country where the ceramic was originally made must
be printed on each piece.
The term “Made in Germany” is not controlled by a central regulatory
body. However, its status has been defined by several court rulings in
Germany. In 1974, the Bundesgerichtshof made a ruling that Made in
Germany does not enable people to properly distinguish between the two
Germanys of the time, so Made in West Germany and Made in GDR became
Item/Title: Individual creamers?
Date/Period of Manufacture: I’m thinking turn of the century as it was given to my mother in 1944 by a woman who was in her 70’s.
Condition: very good
Manufacturer/Artist/Author: On the bottom
of both pieces (which are identical except they have different fruit
painted on each one) they both say Made in Germany.
Dimensions (HxWxD): Approximately 4″ tall.
Inscription: No.
History/Provenance: These were both given to my mother in 1944 by a woman from Bohemia who was in her early 70’s in Illinois.

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