Sample Appraisal: Glass Plate

Sample Appraisal: Glass Plate

Appraisal ID: 10232
Appraised On: Jan 14, 2006
Market Value: $5.00
Replacement Value: $10.00

In 1976, everybody was busily trying to cash in on the biggest
event in 200 years of American history. Even companies that had never
before indulged in producing commemorative items came up with some sort
of bicentennial item. Avon came up with three, including this glass
plate that was packaged with a pair of soap bars depicting Martha and
George Washington. Unfortunately, there is virtually no market demand
for these plates which in turn means there’s little value. Based on
comparative data for other Avon bicentennial plates recently sold, and
considering the similarities and differences for the condition, size,
artistic merit, and age, we have valued the subject plate as indicated.
Item/Title: bi-cenntial plate 1776 to 19976
Date/Period of Manufacture: made in 1976
Condition: good
Manufacturer/Artist/Author: avon
Dimensions (HxWxD): approx 1 lbs
Inscription: no
History/Provenance: I purchased the plate from avon
rep in 1976

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reasonable length of time in an appropriate market.

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