Sample Appraisal: Fishing Reel

Sample Appraisal: Fishing Reel

Appraisal ID: 11340
Appraised On: Sep 01, 2006
Market Value: $ 35.00
Replacement Value: $ 50.00

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This is a Pflueger Pakron Model No. 3178 fishing reel in excellent
condition. The Model 3178 is a trolling reel and was manufactured in
the years 1952,1956-57, 1959, 1962-63, 1965 and 1967-80.
Ernest F. Pflueger founded a fish hook company called the Enterprise
Manufacturing Company in 1881. When his son Earnest A. Pflueger took
over the family business and founded the E.A. Pflueger Company, he
expanded the company from a hook manufacturer to all aspects of fishing
tackle & gear. In 1916 the first Pflueger Baitcast reel was
manufactured in Akron, Ohio, and became a benchmark of the fishing reel
industry. The Pflueger spinning reel was introduced in 1954. Over the
years Pflueger continues to be one of the world’s leading rod and reel
Item/Title: saltwater fly reel and the biggest one ive ever seen
Date/Period of Manufacture: 1950’s
Condition: excellent
Manufacturer/Artist/Author: pflueger
Dimensions (HxWxD): 2 pounds 9.6oz-about 5.5″ across-1 1/8″ deep not including handle or drag

yes B COOK 1964

History/Provenance: SWAPPED FOR IT-It came equipped
with stainless steel cable and when it the reel is cranked it clicks
and sounds as though it is brand new. other than small exterior
scratches it seems as though it is new and was not used very much if at
all. the brown handle appears
to be bakelite or a similar materiel and shows almost no wear marks

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