Sample Appraisal: Botero Graphite Drawing

Sample Appraisal: Botero Graphite Drawing

Appraisal ID: 10256
Appraised On: Jan 18, 2006
Market Value: $ 20,000.00
Replacement Value: $ 24,000.00


This portrait is a graphite drawing by Fernando Botero (1932-),
dated 93. Botero, originally of Medellín, Colombia, was educated in
Madrid and lived in Paris. He is a prolific artist, have thus far
produced over a thousand pictures and sculptures in a wide range of
media. His signature is distinctive and this drawing appears to have
been genuinely signed by him. The style also is very much his. We have
no reason to believe this is not a genuine Botero, but as always, any
artwork should be authenticated (physically) by an expert. Based on
comparative data for other Botero drawings recently sold, and
considering the similarities and differences for the condition, size,
artistic merit, and age, we have valued the subject piece as indicated.
Item/Title: a beautiful woman with a fox fur around her
Date/Period of Manufacture: 1993
Condition: Excellent
The paper is off white/yellow
Manufacturer/Artist/Author: Botero
Dimensions (HxWxD): the measure is 18.75 x 25.6 inches
Inscription: signed/dated lower right
History/Provenance: a drawing by Botero which I acquired in La Galeria art gallery in Medellin, Colombia about 5 years ago

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