Sample Appraisal: A Sword, Shield and Leather Case

Sample Appraisal: A Sword, Shield and Leather Case

Appraisal ID: 10269
Appraised On: Jan 17, 2006
Market Value: $ 250.00
Replacement Value: $ 325.00


This is what is commonly known as a fraternal sword (sometimes
also known as ceremonial sword). Fraternal organizations, religious
organizations, lodges, or secret societies have been active in Europe
and the Americas for many centuries. Part of the ceremony and regalia of
these organizations usually included the wearing of special uniforms or
vestments, often including a sword such as this one. This particular
sword is an issue of the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic organization
which is still in existence. Based on comparative data for other
fraternal swords recently sold, and considering the similarities and
differences for the condition, size, artistic merit, and age, we have
valued the subject piece as indicated.
Date/Period of Manufacture: 1800’s
Condition: good condition
Dimensions (HxWxD): sword is 35′ long. Case is 38″ long and shield is 38″ long
Inscription: It is engraved with my great grandfathers name.
History/Provenance: it has been in our family many years. Possibly my great great grandfathers

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