Own a Rolex? Get it appraised and insured ASAP

Own a Rolex? Get it appraised and insured ASAP

Rolex watches are made to be seen and desired. They have forever been a symbol of success and prominence for their owners. They are beautiful pieces of machinery, expensive and never failing to make an impression, they are also the #1 target for professional thieves.

A Rolex needs to be appraised to allow the owner to safely buy, sell or insure the item. Not any jeweler or even your regular property appraiser may be qualified to value such a sophisticated, complex article. At your local jewelry store, you may only find gemologists who may not have the in-depth experience in valuing Rolex timepieces and who may over or undervalue your investment.

Rolex are not only beautiful, functional works of art, but also a fantastic investment increasing their value with each passing year. Many factors affect its price such as condition, rarity, complexity and the materials it is made of. Market conditions will directly affect the price, these fluctuate almost daily.

Since Rolex owners are usually big travelers with hectic lifestyles, these watches are also exposed to hazardous, crowded areas, pickpockets or just situations where they can get lost. Appraising and insuring is the responsible next step after acquiring one, you usually have to provide proof of ownership and a certificate of valuation.


Nugent Appraisers are experienced in providing fair market value for your Rolex and any other Swiss watches in your collection (Breitling, Bvlgari, Cartier, etc.). They have a hassle-free virtual appraisal service (http://www.nugentappraisal.com/submit/) where you provide high quality digital images of your item and other purchase documents remotely. Then they will email the necessary documents to get it insured.

If you obtained a luxury watch, jewelery, cufflinks or other precious items as a gift or inheritance, you will need an appraisal to help you decide what to keep or sell.

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