Appraisal Videos

What is more interesting, reading about an appraisal or watching an appraisal? We turn the camera on every chance we get! Let us know if you’re interested in having your appraisal taped – its fun and the appraisal is free. The videos are uploaded to our YouTube channel and right here on our site.

Watch our latest appraisal videos.

Online Appraisal Certificates

Are you concerned your item may not warrant the the trouble and cost that comes with a formal, “hands on” appraisal? You’re not alone. Hundreds of folks around the country (and other countries) submit a description and images to us every month so we can identify and appraise their items. Its fast, saves money, time, and best of all – accurate. Click on the each item name to view actual online appraisal certificates.

Shakespeare Book Set

Appraisal Articles

Read our short, snappy articles about items we appraise, and what we look for and take into consideration when appraising. Great info for the casual collector to full-time appraiser.

Cloisonne Appraisal

Flag Appraisal

Paper Watermarks

Antique Map Appraisal

Historical Bookplate

Antique Golf Club Collecting