Rare Document Appraisal and Manuscript Appraisal

Rare Document Appraisal and Manuscript Appraisal

As a senior accredited appraiser of documents and manuscripts with the American Society of Appraisers, over my 37 years of service to institutions, professionals, and individuals I have certified the value of thousands of historical documents.

A common thread is all history consists of people, places and things, whether they represent life and events centuries ago or yesterday. Thousand year old historical documents are nothing more than tangible reporting of how people may have traveled, lived, suffered and died centuries before us. As a senior-accredited appraiser of historical documents, I must consider all aspects of a Land Grant from 1835, the purchase receipt for a slave in 1790, or a barter-document from the 1500s, because those documents and the hundreds of others that I examine establish an important place and time in history.

Not all ‘older’ documents are valuable for their intrinsic market value, but they must be regarded as vital and incremental sources of information for scholars, researchers, and historians who wish to perpetuate every facet of history no matter how inconsequential it may seem. It is my job as a historical document appraiser to provide that opportunity.

A document appraisal or manuscript appraisal begins with the identification: what, where, and when. Most document appraisals do not involve me personally examining the original, but identification from clear digital images. The quality of digital images is such today that from thousands of miles away, and in an instant (email) I can view with clarity the characteristics that identify the document. If it is a collection of documents, especially similar in like and kind, I can certify the value of the entire collection from a sample of images and an inventory list. Appraising rare documents and historical documents is a thrill because it is a personal glimpse to the past. I look forward to sharing your interest.

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