Profile – Ray Nugent Jr.

Ray Nugent Jr. is the founder of Nugent Appraisal Services. He is a former senior accredited appraiser with the American Society of Appraisers. Ray is a General Residential Contents appraiser. His area of speciality is books, documents, and manuscripts. In addition to appraisals, he personally has accreditation as a Conservator and an Archivist, which helps put us in the crosshairs of many interesting assignments. Our clients have included many of this country’s well-known families (media-hyped divorces and quiet donations); private investors; federal/state government departments (IRS, Immigration, Customs, Wildlife); state archives, college and university special collection libraries; Library of Congress; The Smithsonian; and, the collections of several high profile politicians.


When Ray is not traveling for onsite examinations he is the backbone of the firm’s remote appraisal engine – certifying the value of thousands of residential contents items every month including Fine Art, Furniture, Collectibles, Memorabilia, and Decorative Art for high-wealth individuals and families throughout the country.


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