Profile – Ray Nugent III

What a wonderful opportunity I have to help others with their appraisal needs while working closely with my father, wife Gwen, daughter Olivia, and sister Carolyn. We each have our areas of strength that combine to provide an effective appraisal team.


In 2000, after years as a retail business owner I brought my knowledge of business development and matched it with my father’s appraisal knowledge. We have both learned from each other, resulting in a complimentary partnership.


I am the lead appraiser in the firm. As such, my role is to communicate our service with prospective clients and other professionals that are considering referring their clients to our service. I am in the envious position of hearing about thousands of items and the stories behind the items. I explain the appraisal process and how our service can meet their particular need.

It is a pleasure to field these requests but also sometimes difficult as our service often assists those in life changing circumstances. I also project manage the appraisal staff and, along with my father, review every certified appraisal report the firm produces.


It is a most interesting time as our family firm finds itself transitioning from a single office with a display ad in the local phone directory to a growing company with offices in cities throughout Florida. The Nugent Appraisal Service is growing rapidly by way of online appraisals, assisting virtually anyone, anywhere who has access to the internet.


Contact Us to discuss your appraisal need. There is no cost or obligation associated with allowing us to understand how we can help you and all communication is confidential.